"I promptly relegated our plain-old, unscenic bin to the back porch and an uncertain future."

A.B., Berkerly, CA

"We are using it and like it much better than the floor container we were using."

N.S., Washington, DC

"In particular, I find that it (does a better job of fitting different sizes of plastic bag,) is easier to pick up from the front, and closes better than my old one. I also love the way the lid stands up."

M.N., Toronto, ON

"(Met you at the USCC meeting and got a sample of the sure-close.) After a week Iím convinced that itís the way to go."

B.H., Lexington, VA

"Am using one at home and loving it. Our cat cannot get her little paws into it to munch on things in the wee hours of the morning, which is a decided benefit in our household. But, it also holds a good amount without becoming too heavy or cumbersome, and there is no smell."

D.C., Montpiler, VT

"I love it, thanks very much."

B.F., Toronto, ON

"The food waste container has been an integral part of our kitchen countertops and home compost system for over 20 years. Over time it has evolved from steel cans & large glass jars to specialized plastic containers. None of which quite hit the mark. What was missing was the sure-close lid. Now the container stays open when I want it to, and closes securely when the kitchen is cleared. My former plastic food waste containers now hold nails and screws in the shop."

S.D., Olympia, WA

"The Sure-Close compost bin, works very well, it's a winner! "

V.U., Hamilton, ON

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