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Most of the organic waste we produce comes from our kitchens as foodscraps. A kitchen container that makes it easy for people to collect, store and transport their foodscraps to the green bin goes a long way toward encouraging participation.

For Ottawa's Green Bin program, the city wanted a kitchen container with ventilation in order to allow moisture to evaporate from organic waste. Without the moisture, contents are less likely to smell. Enter the Sure-Close kitchen container. Developed by two Ottawa-based companies, designers DW Product Development, and manufacturer Ottawa Mould Craft, this little beige beauty brings high tech design and engineering to your counter top. Here's a list of reasons why the City chose Sure-Close:

* Compact & Attractive Design: The Sure-Close was made to blend into your kitchen with its neutral colour palate and minimalist design. The tapered back sits nicely against a wall or in a corner. You can use the included mounting bracket to tuck it out of sight.

* Ventilated Lid: The Sure-Close lid is covered in tiny holes - enough to help moisture evaporate, but small enough to keep out fruit flies. The lid, along with channels moulded into the body of the container, help keep air flow to the waste, which helps to dry it out and keep odour at bay.

* Moulded-in Stop Points: The Sure-Close lid can stay open at a 90 degree angle, making it easy to dump in your organic waste, or scrape off your dinner plate.

* Secure Seal and Lock Mechanism: Once your Sure-Close is closed, it stays closed, with a secure seal and latch that protect you from spills.

* Easy Grips: The Sure-Close has a number of grip points - on the lid, the back, and the bottom - to make it easy to pick up, carry and tip the container without getting your hands dirty.

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